Hanae Perfume by Hane Mori, Hanae, a youthful and spirited perfume, was launched in 2014. Joyous and elegant, it takes full advantage of nature’s pleasures. The opening is a fruity explosion, incorporating black currant, Sicilian orange, orange blossom, and red orange. Juicy and bright, it immediately sets a happy mood. The sweet middle notes are the optimistic scents of strawberries, toffee accords, jasmine, and rose tea. The soft base is made up of sandalwood, white cedar, vanilla, and benzoin. Woody and warm, they provide the brighter notes a soft place to land. The perfume is an exquisite scent for the woman who enjoys spontaneity and adventure.

Hanae by Hane Mori 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray

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