1902 Gingembre Vert Perfume by Berdoues, 1902 Gingembre Vert by Berdoues is an aromatic green scent designed for men and women. The perfect combination of spice and floral notes, this captivating fragrance brings to mind the uniquely changing feel of spring and fall days. Uplifting and warm, this unisex perfume is as comfortable at daytime events as it is at nighttime outings. Its moderate longevity ensures you never have to worry about it leaving you when you need it, and its soft to moderate sillage guarantees you won’t overpower those around you. This fresh spicy fragrance makes an excellent addition to any scent collection and features notes of ginger, citruses and green notes.

1902 Gingembre Vert by Berdoues 8.3 oz Eau De Cologne

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